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So What Exactly Is The Instant Passive System?
Instant Passive System is a method that I've been using in the past year to make money online... And that is providing traffic as a solo ad seller.

Providing traffic is high demand right now, and where there is demand there is money to be made.

This method is something New and Unique! why?
Because usually as a solo ad seller you need to pay for high end coaching services to learn the skills for this method. 

Also you need to invest thousands to build your own list, before you can start selling. Not to mention risks involve.

So I have come with an awesome solution. I will teach your customers how to use this method with a great twist.

Instead of paying for high ticket coaching to learn the skill set and invest thousands of dollars up front, I will show your customers how to sell traffic without having to pay for it upfront.

That's right, there's no risk, no tech skills, no paying for high ticket coaching.


The Solution is to become a Reseller.

Believe it or not there are few in the solo ad industry are using the "Re seller Method" You just source the traffic and sell the traffic for higher price.

The people who know this method don't want others to know! 

So for the first time, I'm revealing this method to the public.
Your customers will thank you because they will be able to become a traffic reseller, without any risk, up front costs, and no one will know the difference!

This is a great method and I'm already getting rave reviews about the course.
  • Step By Step Video Training - Teaches You How To Get Reliable income as a solo ad reseller through udimi and facebook
  • ​No Need For Your Own List - C Show two methods where you can sell solo ads with your own email list, or without having an email list
  • ​PDF Presentation Slides - download exact slides and follow along to take notes
  • ​Step-By-Step PDF Checklist - Covers the method from A-Z, Check each step along the way
  • Access To 100 Facebook Groups- Where you can sell your traffic service, and how to approach potential buyers
  • Personal Rolodex - Get My Exact Traffic Providers I personally use that allow you to arbitrage for quick and easy profits.
  • Instant Passive System Support Group Join like minded community, to help and support each other
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We are experienced product launchers and know how to convert in addition to putting 
together fantastic products and systems for our customers. 

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  • Launching on Thursday 15th January @ 9am EST
  • Earn OVER $227 Per Sale You Bring To The Funnel!
  • Over $2,000+ In Affiliate Cash Prizes To Be Won
  • HIGH Converting Sales Copy & VSL Constructed By Industry Experts!
  • High Converting Sales Funnel Guaranteed To Make You Money!
  • Ethical Method & Training You Can Be Proud To Promote
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The Instant Passive System 
HIGH-CONVERTING Proven Sales Funnel!
Please check the JV Document for possible funnel or price changes!
The Front End Product
Instant Passive System is exact method i used when I got started online.  

And still do to this day using my own email list

That is providing traffic as a solo ad seller through udimi and facebook.

The best part is that I did it without an email list, and used a method where I would buy and resell the traffic for profit.

OTO 1 Upgrade - Affiliate Blueprint
A lot of newbies don't know the importance of an Affiliate Sales Funnel.

In OTO 1 I teach newbies exactly how to build a sales funnel and build their own email list using solo ad traffic. 

The best part is, they get to be able to use the profits they earn in the instant passive system to build this email list. 

That means they don't need to invest any money from their own pocket. 

Plus they will be making extra money on the side, because they will learn exactly how to set everything up.

I teach them how to send traffic, create a email 
capture page, create a thank you page, how to setup an autoresponder, how to setup the right welcome email, that will build trust and authority.

Also, the right kind of emails to send to affiliate offers, and most importantly how often they should promote an affiliate offer and when to start a new offer.
OTO 2 Upgrade - Google PPC Success Kit
Generating traffic from Google Ads is hot right now, and imagine as a solo ad seller you get to be able to deliver PPC Traffic

Yes Google leads can be gold, if you know how to get the right leads without been banned or disapproved.

In Google PPC Kit I will show your customers how to generate MMO leads from google.

The best part is, they get to be able to use the profits they earn in the instant passive system to build this email list.

That means they don't need to invest any money from their own pocket. Plus they will be making extra money on the side, because they will learn exactly how to set everything up.

Plus when they generate enough leads they can resell this traffic as a solo ad reseller.

I teach them in-depth how to send traffic, create a email capture page that is compliant with Google Ads. I show them the right kind of thank you page to use. 

How to setup an autoresponder, and how to setup the right welcome email, that will build trust and authority, 
OTO 3 Upgrade - Done For You Service
A lot of newbies don't have any experience and techie skills, and they just are shy of getting into the technical side of things. In the done for you service, I offer my time to build everything up.

Yes I will create the Affiliate Sales Funnel for them using the tools that I personally use

Not only that I will offer them a Free Coaching Call, to explain with them exactly how to use the funnel.

If they want to tap into Google PPC I will also set this up for the customers, where I build campaign, optimize the campaign for up to 2 weeks.

Free Coaching is also included for customers interested in generating leads from Google ads PPC
OTO 4 Upgrade - Resell Rights
With the Resell Rights upgrade they will have access to the entire Instant Passive System and all the Upgrades as there own product.

They can promote the Instant Passive System and keep 100% of the profits.

This means they are getting there own fully built product, upsells included with all the Tech issues and support taken care of.

It includes, all the Sales pages, upsell pages, downsell pages, Sales videos, a full membership site and customer support.

It doesn't get any easier for your customers to start making some huge commissions using the Instant Passive System as there own.

They can even use the methods and the system they are getting to promote The Instant Passive System
OTO 5 Upgrade - Group Coaching
A lot of newbies and even more advanced marketers would prefer personal interaction with their mentor and creator of a system

Anthony will sit with them in a group session every week and personal walk them though everything on how to get started as a solo ad reseller.

He will be walking them through two different setups, if they want to just be a reseller, or also build their own email list.

Which one they would prefer I will give them 1 month support for building up their funnel and the skills required to become a solo ad seller, without having to pay for high ticket coaching.
Over $2,000 In Affiliate Cash Prizes!
All Contests Based On TOTAL UNITS SOLD!
48 Hour Speed CONTEST
15th January 9am EST - 17th January 9am EST!
Contest Starts: 15th January @ 9am EST
Ends: 17th January - 9am EST
1st - $500
2nd - $250
3rd - $100

Main Contest
15th Janauary 9am EST - 21st January @ Midnight 23.59PM!
Contest Starts: 15th January @ 9am EST
Ends: 21st January - 11.59pm EST

1st - $500
2nd - $250
3rd - $150
4th - $100
5th - $50
Additional cash prize contests will be announced throughout the launch! 

PLEASE NOTE: If you plan on teaming up, we’re allowing teams of up to 2 affiliates 
and this needs to be communicated to us before JANUARY 15TH @ 9AM EST. 

NOTE: All contests are based on TOTAL UNITS SOLD. Minimums Apply - To Receive full Prize Money your commission must be equal to or greater than the Cash Prize Amount. If it is less you will be paid the Prize money based of your commission amounts
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